kashmir sour

buffalo trace bourbon, ginger liquer, lemon, chai masala syrup, bitters, egg

18 (2oz)

passionfruit mojito

bacardi rum, passionfruit, lime, mint

16 (1.5oz)

el burro

bombay sapphire, canton, lime, fresh ginger, cracked black pepper

17 (2oz)


bombay sapphire, campari, brovo sweet vermouth

17 (3oz)

french 75

wildlife gin, canella prosecco, sweet lemon syrup

15 (2oz)

rooibos old fashioned

buffalo trace, cynar, bitters, rooibos

17 (2oz)

grapefruit margarita

cazadores anejo tequila, st-germain, lime, grapefruit juice

17 (2oz)

the grinch

bombay gin, thai basil, watercress and fresh lemon

16 (2oz)

italian empress

empress gin, kapirol gin (hibiscus and grapefruit), rosemary black peppercorn bitters, elderflower tonic, grapefruit juice

18 (2oz)

sangria red or white

red wine, port, cherry brandy / white wine, st-germain, canton, juice and boozy fruit

16 (3oz) Jug 45

figgy smalls

grand marnier, courvoisier vsop, black mission fig,lemon, orange juice and sage

17 (2oz)

crazyweed caesar

parkway craft caesar mix, muddy spiced vodka, chipotle rub, horseradish, proscuitto, \ applewood smoked cheddar, olives, pickled things, fresh lime

16 (2oz)

cindy lou who

bravo amaro, baileys, ginger, lemon, nutmeg and garnished w/a Kake by Darci gingersnap cookie

16 (2oz)


cazadores anejo tequila, pomegranate, lime, fresh ginger, grapefruit juice, ginger beer


silk road

cadello, frangelico, vodka cherry liqueur and espresso


ginny gin gin

gin, ginger liquer, fresh ginger, yuzu, lemon, cucumber, thai basil

Cocktail at Crazyweed Kitchen, Canmore, Alberta